Nekomancer Myan

Completed in: 6h 17m
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She does scratch damage. Tons of scratch damage.

Anyhoo, I plan to stick to a long-term theme interspersed with other artwork/comics. Sounds like a good idea to me if I can’t think of anything to draw at the moment… also cause I can make some NSFW art from them 😈.

Current theme is the Cat Nine cast as fantasy classes or monstergirls, with the NSFW artwork as Victory/Defeat scenes. I don’t think you have to guess what happens in those.

This one and the nsfw artworks for Nekomancer Myan have been done for a while, but I wasn’t sure if I should post them individually as usual, or as a group/gallery, or just one big preview image. More posts in social media is almost always good from what I know, but since I’ve moved the bonus artwork to being exclusive and I can only post the preview images, I’m sure it wasn’t gonna appeal to most people. To be honest, as an artist I hate posting just the previews (except the NSFW for obvious reasons) and would prefer to post the full thing like I used to do, but alas I gotta treat my art a bit more like a business and hide them behind a paywall. I think I’ll just do the usual then and post them when they’re done even if they’re just previews.

Finally, I want to thank all my patrons for the support so far, even the ones who’ve pledged more “just” for the nsfw. You may be Lewd Dudes but I appreciate it a lot!