Bonus artwork of a nude Haliya with body painted cowspots for Year of the Ox 2021

Moo Goddess Haliya

Completed in: 6h
Posted In: Lazylonewolf's Art, Cat Nine

I can’t exactly call it cowgirl “bikini” if Haliya’s only “wearing” body paint. Like before, Haliya’s unmasked face is not canon until it actually shows up in the comic, but yeah, she does look pretty cute here!

Welp, that’s all the notable Cat Nine girls, but I’ll make a genderbent Keith and Cruz too since this also counts as a height chart and so they can join in on the fun too.

Bonus artwork of Myan, Tammy, Hibi-Hibi, Rallidae, and Haliya as cowgirls with bikinis

The current herd of cowgirls