Colored drawing of a female kapre

Kapre Concept

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A hypothetical female kapre if one is to appear in Cat Nine. Suggested by BlueDavrial.

Kapre (pronounced kah-preh) are:

  • Tree-dwelling. Not sure if it’s on the branches or inside the tree. Philippine mythological “facts” are confusing and varied.
  • 7 to 9 feet tall. Apparently that’s enough to consider them a giant, especially since us Filipinos are on the short side.
  • Wears loincloth, or “bahag” as we call it. I was supposed to draw her without that vest/top thingy, but wearing just the loincloth is already Haliya’s thing so… and well, without (Haliya’s) tattoos, it’s gonna look more uh, naked.
  • Smokes cigars. Not depicted here though.
  • Some mention of treetrunk-ish legs. Of course, I took that as an excuse for drawing her thicc.
  • Dark skin. If you are so inclined to be a patron, the WIP includes different ideas for the colors before I settled on this one.
  • Somewhat hairy or furry. Perhaps next time I’ll add some tufts of fur or something.
  • A magic belt that turns them invisible. Well, I went for the arm belt thing for now since I don’t know what a loincloth + belt would look like.
  • You can see their bright orange eyes and/or the cigar in the dark.
  • I’ve only heard of them being male, but that’s not gonna stop me!