Like previously, I am now accepting suggestions for this year’s Halloween Header until the end of August. As usual, this header will randomly show up on the top of the website and I’ll make a wallpaper for it (and turn that into a header too!). I promise not to disappear again like last time though! Just leave your suggestions in the comment section below, Discord, Facebook, or Twitter! (preferably in the comments below)


  • Lazylonewolf – Everyone as Steven Universe characters. Hibi as Rose Quartz.
  • BlueDavrial – Everyone as sentai/power rangers.
  • Fishmeistercod – Pro wrestling. Myan Cenaaaaa.
  • ColdFusion – Myan proper lady
  • Hakira – Pokemon theme. Tammy is Sylveon.
  • Hothead – Someone as Crash Bandicoot (?), Cruz as Link wearing Gerudo outfit (from Breath of the Wild), Cowboy Bebop, Myan as Liru
  • dogfurno999 – Persona 5 theme. Cruz as Ryuji Sakamoto. Myan as Eevee.
  • ZeroKelvinKeyboard – Nepeta
  • Sir Wuffles – Keith as McCree
  • Jugemu – Someone as Seras Victoria