Looks like Avengers is the theme for this year, thanks to everyone who voted in the poll! Now it’s time to suggest which Cat Nine character is going as which Avenger. And I dunno about you guys, but I don’t think anyone will mind if people suggested other Marvel characters too since there’s really only Black Widow and Scarlet Witch in the team (in the films at least, minus the villians), and well, I’ve wanted to draw Myan as either Black Cat or X-23 (for obvious reasons). Anyway, let’s decide with the poll below if we should stick with Avengers or make it open for other Marvel characters. As usual, vote by commenting below, in social media, or DiscordSuggestions and poll will be closed on September 27!

To anyone planning on making non-Avenger suggestions, please make another suggestion for an Avenger character just in case people voted for Avengers only, unless you don’t care about your suggestion not making it!

Results: No one suggested anything on time! I’m just gonna do whatever, and I don’t think a poll is needed for that.