Halloween 2018

Oh my, it’s that time of the year again… again! Anyone can make suggestions for this year’s Halloween Wallpaper (download all free wallpapers here), where Cat Nine characters will dress up as characters from another series. As usual, the wallpaper will be available to everyone for free. You can make suggestions by commenting below, in social media, or Discord! The schedule:

  • Theme suggestions from September 3 to 13. For example, My Hero Academia.
  • Theme poll from September 13 to 20. Time to vote for the theme!
  • Character suggestions from September 20 to 27. Let’s say League of Legends was chosen. Suggest which Cat Nine character dresses up as someone from LoL, like say, Myan as Gnar or Tammy as Warwick. Specify too if they have alternate costumes!
  • Character poll from September 27 to October 4.
  • Make the wallpaper sometime in October. Or perhaps put it up on Halloween?

Current suggestions

  • BlueDavrial: Overwatch and SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy (might genderbend the boys for here)
  • Golb89: Fire Emblem 7
  • Eric Palmer: Avengers
  • Ninjahamster5: “thriller theme? Like movie killers, or monsters?”
  • Skye and ZeroKelvinKeyboard: Hyperdimension Neptunia (genderbend here too)
  • LordCastigator: Gundam SEED
  • Lazylonewolf: Darkest Dungeon
  • ColdFusion: Adventure Time

Magical Girl and bonus comics on hiatus

Again, I know. I’ll definitely come back for you Magicat Girl, perhaps after Cat Nine or another project of mine is finished!

I want to concentrate all my comicking efforts on Cat Nine itself, so all bonus comics are also on hiatus… until an Episode ends maybe. I have lots of bonus comic ideas, usually related to the current Episode, but I’ve decided to copy how most manga handle omake (extra) stuff, reserving them at the end of a volume or between chapters.

Commissions now open!

I’m interested in making commissions again, though I’ll only be able to work like 1-2 of them per month though, and I’ll only start working on them after I’m done with all the comic pages for the month. You can also “commission” through Patreon too, which I prefer since you’ll also get the benefits from the other tiers. Here’s my Commissions page!


  • Charge up front is now available to all Patreon creators, if enabled. I think it’d be good for me too since it prevents people from pledge dodging (pledging, downloading/viewing exclusive stuff, and then cancelling their pledges before the month is over). Thankfully, none of my patrons have done that so far (thank you!), so I might only enable it in the event that someone actually does it.
  • I want to make monthly fan art and Cat Nine-related vote art, and RAWRs/$5 patrons can make suggestions! I’ll choose your suggestion depending on how good the idea is and if you’ve already had a suggestion drawn in the past, so other people can get a turn. And feel free to ask if they should be sexy or whatever too! If no one makes a suggestion or ask me to draw whatever, then I’ll just come up with something on my own.
  • If I have time, I might start drawing concept sketches of my other planned projects, like Magicat Girl and another project that I haven’t got a name for yet. Will be accessible to Reader’s Choice/$3 patrons!
  • Future WIP pics (sketch>lineart>flats) will all be in one post now since I just remembered that you can post images in the text section of Patreon posts. Makes for less posts, and you’ll still get notified in Patreon if I made any changes to a post.
  • Goal changes:
    • $100, I’ve decided to drop blogging since yeah, I keep missing on doing them since I really don’t want to write them. Changed it to monthly art now, and more people would probably want that anyway.
    • $300 for another monthly piece of artwork. Also hey, I can officially call myself a professional when I’m earning this much, yey!
    • $500 to remove all advertisements for everyone. Maybe another monthly artwork again.
    • $1000 for a Magicat Girl game is a little optimistic I guess (understatement!). Removed! Heck if I know what to put as a goal here… haha maybe actually make porn.

Tasty cheesecake (also Patreon-related)

  • As some of you have noticed, I’ve made uncensored versions of some stuff (two so far), you know, to test the waters on this lewd artist stuff. And boy, it was a pleasant surprise to get some new patrons (thanks again!). The most I’ll do are sexy pin-ups and their nude versions though, and not outright porn… at the moment! Oh, you can also commission said cheesecake.
  • I won’t be posting the nude versions or any lewds for that matter in the Cat Nine website of course, since they’re only for patrons can see them. But…
  • Lewd stuff aren’t allowed in Patreon… until I flag my page for Adult Content. I don’t want to grow up be Adult yet since I might miss out on people coming across my Patreon page since Adult pages are hidden from search results. So for now, I’ve posted all current and future NSFW stuff in the new #nsfw-patrons channel (for $3 patrons and above only… for now). It probably still breaks the rules, but I’ll only consider flagging my Patreon page for Adult Content if Patreon makes a complaint about it. In short, you have to go to the #nsfw-patrons to see lewds, sorry!
  • Finally, sorry to say this Reader’s Choice patrons that pledged for lewds, but I’ll be raising access to all lewds to RAWR/$5… in November. Most those new (fan) art might get nude versions, and they’re additional work you see. If that puts you off, just a reminder that you’re still getting a lot of Cat Nine-related benefits. If you’re still planning to cancel, well, thanks for being my patron, I’ll always be grateful for your past pledges!