Halloween 2015 is almost upon us, and that means I’m gonna make a new header again just like last year. It’s not a “thing” yet, but I’ve decided that it should be, so look forward to this every year from now on – and I might even make some artwork for them and post it here. So yeah, if you’ve have any ideas/suggestions for their costumes, please leave a comment, tweet, etc.!

Ideas so far:

  • Me: I want something cool, and Myan “dressed-up” as another catgirl character, like Felicia or Taokaka. Maybe characters in a show, like Mystery Inc. (Scooby-Doo)? Undertale!
  • gudenauFiora, Shulk, Dunban and Sharla from Xenoblade Chronicles
  • oStaiko: Myan as Keith
  • man in black: Go with a theme for all of them
  • BlueMario:  Redraw the old old costumes for the banner. Like the Cruz Missile and those (here are the ones for MyanKeith, and Tammy)
  • David Nuttall: Myan as the Cowardly Lion, Tammy as Dorothy, Keith as the Scarecrow and the Cruz as the Tin Man. Or Justice League.
  • CuteManabi: Sailor Moon cosplay.  Keith as Tuxedo Kamen, the rest as Sailor Senshi.  (Your pick which is which.)  I just think it’d be funny that Cruz is forced to cosplay as a girl.
  • Remara: everyone dressed as food with Keith as a burger Myan as fish Blondie as idk pizza? and the girl as a chicken leg