Just wondering out loud what their Night’s Vision would’ve looked like. Maybe I shouldn’t have turned down the ground/cast shadow that much, though I suppose difficulty in telling which spots are dark when you’re trying to sneak during the night could be considered a downside to their power. I’d include another pic that shows what the scene would’ve looked like in “real life” but it would be pretty much pitch black, at least with the lunar eclipse going on.

I also like to think that the Haliyans would prefer to live in a place where the sky and the moon is visible so on regular nights without an eclipse, even normal humans like us would have no problem walking around their village. Still, their indoor dwellings will likely be too dark even with the windows open.

And a small reminder to myself to not depict it this dark like in the original comic page since some of you found it too dark. Dunno about you guys, but I drew this with the monitor brightness which I usually draw, at 30%/Text setting. Perhaps I can see shadows and colors better than normal people since I drew the stuff, who knows. Thanks for telling me about though, it reminded me that my monitor’s Photo setting/95% brightness exists, which I’ll admit makes anything art/comic/anime look nicer, and more importantly makes it easier to shade and color stuff. Tires out my eyes rather quickly though!