Got a Cintiq 16

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Those who follow me on Twitter or hangout in Discord will know I’ve been thinking about getting a Cintiq 16 as soon as I heard it existed. Well, I already bought it a few days ago and using it lots!

Test drawing at the shop

I was hoping that the Cintiq 16 is gonna be a game changer like when I got ClipStudio, so I wanted to test it out even if I have to travel a couple of hours to the city. The drawing on the left doesn’t look much, but my short time with it was enough to convince me. The discount the shop unexpectedly offered certainly didn’t hurt though! I guess it’s that Lazylonewolf charm eh? For my Philippine peeps, I tested and bought it at Ynzal.

1st drawing after buying it, technically my 2nd Cintiq drawing

And it really is a game changer! I’ve already been using it for some of the bonus art, and oh boy, drawing is a breeze and fun again. The disconnect between the monitor and the drawing tablet has always bothered me, and the Cintiq made apparent why I was not that motivated to draw. I’m also relieved since I was a bit worried that my drawing skills wouldn’t transfer well from when I was using the Intuos (my now older tablet). If nothing else, I’m motivated to work harder to earn back what I just spent so… commission me or become a patron please! And of course, thank you my current patrons, donors, and anyone who’s browsing with adblock off!

If you’re an artist, I’d definitely suggest getting one if you can. It’s so much more reasonably priced compared to the Cintiq Pro 16, not to mention they’ve fixed some of the problems with it. I can actually afford the Pro 16, though it’s still way too expensive which is why I changed my mind. Now I’m glad that I didn’t go ahead with that.