Bonus art of Myan as a cyber catgirl

Cyber Myan

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“A waifu to surpass Metal Gear?!!”
A Cyber Myan suggested by Fishmeistercod. This was also a test run in streaming with new OBS Studio settings and that my computer has a Wifi adapter now.

And like I said in Discord, .clip file also included if you want to customize the colors on your own!

Black and red are the colors for my battle/workstation so… might as well use it for this one.


  • Created by the reclusive genius Professor H.
  • Adorable and stylish design.
  • Excellent build quality and manufactured from top-of-the-line Waifu™  material.
  • Internet and Bluetooth connection.
  • Wi-fi signal indicator. Just check the top of her head!
  • Hi-fi ear speakers/microphones. She can’t hear while playing music though.
  • Ultra high definition eye cameras for crystal clear photos and videos.
  • Adaptable tail for charging, interfacing, aux, etc. She prefers charging by eating.
  • Nanofiber hair can lengthen and shorten for various hairstyles.
  • Hard light projectors with fabric emulation technology so you’ll never need to buy clothing again.
  • Power button on the stomach. Be careful, she is ticklish and prone to scratching you.
  • Jet boots for extra jumping height.
  • IP99 rating for dust and water. However, she likes rolling around in dirt and hates water.
  • Accepts voice commands… if she decides to listen to you.
  • Manual buttons on her palms and fingertips. Also vibrates for massage function.
  • Six-cylinder purring motors.