Bonus artwork of Myan awarding herself

Bonus artwork of Myan awarding herselfWith the help of Dyno bot, I’ve allowed people to give themselves ranks/roles in Cat Nine’s Discord. Now you can:

  • Declare your Cat Nine waifu or husbando! Or be greedy and form a harem of them!
  • Set which continent you live in to let people know where and when in the world you are!
  • Tell people what you find sexy, you manyak!
  • Show the others that you’re an artist, a streamer, or even a furry (so we can shun you)!

How to join a rank

Just type in ?ranks to get a list of available ranks. Then type ?rank rank name to assign yourself that rank. You can assign yourself any number of ranks as you wish, but please limit yourself to one continent. Also, please use these commands in the #bot-commands channel to prevent spamming other channels, thank you!

Seriously, join in! I streamed and drew this thing on the left after all!