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Tammy: Hmm, a decoy maybe?
Cruz: Eh?

Tammy: I'm kidding (heh)

Tammy: But you turned into a kid because you volunteered to be Bakunawa bait right?
Cruz: D-did I..?
(just wanted to be a kid again)

Keith: Got any ideas Myan?

Myan: Meow. (I'm not too smart but thanks for asking, dad! Lemme think... I haven't fought a snake before, let alone a giant one, but I know this: when you come face-to-face with something new, ya gotta be smart and stay clear. Fighting should be the last thing on your mind, 'cause even small scratches can mean the end for you! I've been in a lot of scraps with bigger critters than me, and if I can't run, what usually works is making them think I'm too much trouble to bother with. That means making myself look tougher or louder than I am so they think twice before messing with me. And if all else fails, well... run like the wind! I've escaped plenty of uppity humans trying to catch me. It's all about staying one step ahead and not letting them get the upper paw.)
Tammy: What the- I'm not translating all that!