It’s a feeling of knowing where point A and B is, but not the place in-between. I hope that made sense!




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Isog: Bye!
Tammy: See ya around!

Tammy: So! Anyone actually know the way back?
Cruz: Well...

Cruz; ...I seem to recall passing through some... trees?
Keith: I'm 92% sure darkness was involved. Somehow.
Tammy: Helpful.

Red-haired Haliyan: You got here through The Waywoods right?
Tigermask Haliyan: You'll forever know the gateways you've passed through.

Blonde Haliyan: We're almost at the Waywoods gateway. You'll know what we meant as soon as we enter.

Cruz: It's!
Tammy: that!
Myan: meow!
Keith: -way...