Sorry still for the delays and silence. Had been feeling extremely overwhelmed with all the things going on, especially that uh, legal thing with my mom. That’s actually still not over. And part of that was worrying about COVID infection since I had to go out a couple of times, but it’s been two weeks and I seem to be fine, thankfully.

Anyway, feeling a lot better now… and it’s time to get back to work again!

My computer finally has Wi-Fi now and got some cheap mesh Wi-Fi routers. Just saying cause the internet will now be more stable for art streaming. Maybe I’ll talk too since I’ve also gotten a nice pair of headphones (I can’t really work well without some tunes). No promises that I’ve got anything interesting to say though haha. Because of you patrons, I finally get to buy something nice and useful, thank you!

Also, give me some time to mentally prepare myself to come back to Discord. It’s always kinda awkward coming back after a while. 😅




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