Hoo boy, it took 22 pages to get at this point. I hope that part wasn’t too boring for you all! At least we had some fun stuff like uhh wolfgirl Tammy, kid Cruz, Tammy Stripping take 2, and voice acting.

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Hibi-Hibi: It will take a LOT of work to create an agimat for Bakunawa but... we have a plan!
Haliya: Everyone...

Haliya: ...I did not think it was possible to end our centuries-long conflict without one of our deaths. Even if it's just a chance, I am deeply indebted to you all my friends.

Tammy: You two were the ones who helped me!
Hibi-Hibi: Don't thank me just yet, making the thing is the easiest part.

Keith: All I did was bring Myan-
Cruz: I'm just the bait, the master ba--
Keith: -and shut this guy up.
Myan: mew!~