HQ + Uncompressed

Soundcloud mirror just in case. The file itself isn’t big, but I still have to think about my webhost’s limited space if I ever do more of this.

Originally, I had the bright idea that I can get away with a blank comic page, except the dialogue, to simulate that Keith and Cruz’s eyes (and yours) are closed. But that was too boring! So to make things a little more interesting, I thought this was a good opportunity to make an audio comic. I hope you have enough imagination to understand what’s happening! Else, just read the transcript below which I filled with additional info.

I’ve hired a couple of talented voice actors from Fiverr (referral link. Might earn me some money!) and this is the first time I’ve ever commissioned anything or used Fiverr at all so that’s more things that I’ve just learned. Having to think about what the Cat Nine characters sound like or how they talk (and how Myan is pronounced), discussing details with the voice actors, and editing and mixing the audio using Audacity were all fascinating as well. I was also planning to add some sound effects, but looking for free sound effects are even more of a hassle than free music. Please forgive me for that and my amateurish audio skills!

I don’t mind if this is just a one-time thing, but this was fun enough for me to maybe consider making more in the future.

And excuse me if I don’t feel like drawing an actual comic page since I paid out of pocket for the voice talents after all, although I’ll draw those scenes with Tammy checking herself later… but only manyaks would look at those riiiight? EDIT: Here it is!

I also had “Tammy” say her dialogue in page 216’s last panel and some adorable awoo since I had a couple of words left from her. Dunno what to do with these yet. Feel free to make something out of them yourself!

Thanks to my patrons as usual, the kittizens at Discord for the input about the voices, and last but not the least:


  • jonenat


  • Hothead
  • TGIF
  • Steffen
  • Knut Breitschuh
  • Sunblaze
  • tagno25
  • Techokami
  • feralcat52
  • Aliumas147

Tammy: Alright, I trust that you'll keep those eyes shut boys?
Keith: Yeah...
Cruz: Uhuh...

Tammy: Okay here it goes... mmph! [lifts her shirt and opens her shorts a little, then checks her front]

Tammy: Ohhh~! [checks her rear]

Tammy: Whewf! They're back to normal!

Keith: You finally done checking your... puppies?
Cruz: Are you going to take another selfie?
Tammy: Hey hey, maybe keep those mouths shut too!

Myan: Meow.
Tammy: I do not look better with more fur Myan!