Woah, it’s been super long since Myan returned to her original form! And by later, she meant cleaning each other.

Yes, Myan ara ara’d her big sister can use the collar’s powers as long as she’s touching it. And I didn’t think about it back then, but it also makes sense to me that her poofing isn’t instantaneous. Perhaps a safety feature added by Hibi?

Oh, and heyyy, Happy Lunar New Year. Haliya and the Haliyans (this sounds like a band haha) celebrate those too of course. Anyway, this of course means I get to stuff my face with tikoy again.


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Myan: It's fine ate. Let's continue this... later.
Tammy: Ahn~!

Myan: I'll only allow dad to remove it, so dad...?
Keith: Oh. Come up here then.

Keith: Hmm... you want to hand it to her yourself huh?

Myan: enk you!

Hibi-Hibi: I'll get started right away!