Tanananahhh~ I swear this is the only way to receive magical items if you’re blonde, especially if said magic item can change your age. I also love Kingdom Hearts because it’s an Action-RPG, has Disney + Final Fantasy characters, and for inventing the dab.

An alternate idea for the third panel was him just thinking about dabbing and/or Fortnite/Minecraft/Roblox, whatever it is kids are into these days (s-shut up, I’m still young at 28!). I’m reluctant to use memes or pop culture references since I’m not even sure which ones are known here in the Philippines. Still, I’d rather draw him dabbing than just a boring standing or surprised pose. I’ve also drawn Myan dabbing in the past just in case you’ve missed that.

Let’s see if I can make Cruz look actually younger rather than just a chibi version of him. Chibi is not that bad though, since chibis are cute, and cute equals young-looking. I’ll try either way!


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Hibi-Hibi: It's done, here you go Cruz!
[Cruz received a Belt of Youth!]

Cruz: Now how do I turn this on? Do I have to bring out my inner child or something?
Hibi-Hibi: Just think childish thoughts!
Cruz: Oh, I know just the thing.
Tammy: Put.it.on! Put.it.on!!

Tammy: Of course he dabs to transform...

Cruz: Gotta take advantage of my license to be a dumbass again!
Keith: Like you needed a license for that.