♫ Hide yo kids from the big bad wolf, big bad wolf, big bad wolf ♪
Or maybe there’s no need, cause an angry Haliyan mom is more than enough.

EDIT: Thanks for your input guys! Poll’s closed, and I’ve applied the changes!

Also I’d appreciate it if you guys can help out with the poll below! I was thinking of adding in the “told to Keith” text again just to remind you guys that Keith cannot see or hear Haliya, so everyone near him have been repeating what she’s been saying to him. Not all of you will remember that face though, so I think it’s good to put remind people of that fact every now and then.

Our Discord mod and my patron BlueDavrial propose overlapping speech balloons, with the text/bubble colored according to the speaker (pink for Hibi for example).

I like the text reminder since it’s just a simple reminder, it’s less work, I’ve seen it used in manga a lot, and space in the comic is usually limited. Meanwhile, the overlapping speech balloons make the panel more visually interesting and breaks the immersion less, albeit making it slightly cramped. I’ve really only seen overlapping balloons used when they’re interrupting someone though. What do you guys think? I’ll maybe change the first panel depending on the result of the poll.

Poll closed and removed!


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Haliya: You see, this whole mess started because of my little brother Bulan. He was soo adorable, everyone loved him! Bakunawa included.
Keith: Jealousy can literally turn you into a monster huh.

Tammy: If the Haliyans have sons, maybe they can help? They might need to remove their masks though.
Hibi-Hibi: Um, let's not.
Tammy: You're right, let's not expose the kiddies to danger.
Hibi-Hibi: Y-yeah, danger... (for us!)

Cruz: Not to brag, my Ma said I was a handsome boy, see?
Myan: All parents say that!
Haliya: But your mother's right!

Cruz: Yeah, too bad I can't go back to being a kid!
Hibi-Hibi: Well now, this is where I come in!