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  • Tammy wishes she was turned into a mermaid instead.
  • Tammy has a mersona.
  • Tammy’s kick wasn’t that hard of course, but also not that effective because of wolf legs/paw pads.
  • Myan’s hand is bigger than the Moon.
  • Bakunawa is apparently a man-eater too. Literally and/or figuratively, I don’t know, but we can all infer that she’s good at swallowing
  • If anyone mentions vore, I’m gonna lose it.


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Keith: What was that about?
Tammy: I really like mermaids maaan.
Haliya: I'll introduce you to them later, so let's get back on topic for now!

Haliya: As for luring her, she loves the water and oceans...
[happy mooneater noises]

Tammy: Same, except I'm not a monster.
Cruz: You are kind of monstrous right now.
[Cruz was kicked]

Haliya: ...and of course, the Moon...

Myan: What's the big deal with that small thing?
[Myan doesn't know how big the Moon is]

Haliya: ...and cute boys!
Keith: No surprise ther- huh?