AHHHH I guess I got a lil better since then. And oh boy I still have no idea how to render water, much less the ocean haha.

Fish waifus coming soon obviously, though maybe not this Episode. I bet there are some things that’ll cause anyone to scream if they’re real, like Pokemon. Which one would be yours?


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Haliya: We have our weapon now thank you, but we still have to decide the battlefield, lure her there, and then deal with her serpent form.
Cruz: No prob!
Hibi-Hibi: That's one down I suppose.

Haliya: Like our previous battle, open waters far from land and humans will suffice. Still, it won't be easy fighting in her element again even with the tawlis' and mermaids' help.
Tammy: Waait... Mermaids are real?!

Haliya: Yes they're-

Keith: Get a hold of yourself woman! Your howling could replace the fireworks!!
Tammy: AHHH!! B-but mermaids-! AHHHH!!