Yep, it is indeed time to bring out the fireworks from page 155. I don’t know if “fireworks” would be the first thing you think of that’s hot and loud, but I’d say the fireworks they’ve brought is still somewhat fresh in their minds since they planned on launching them tonight and it’s only been what, an hour or two since they got Bakunawa’d.
And they might just only be video games, but it helped Cruz not panic when the Bakunawa showed up.


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[Keith was filled in on the details, and the group take a seat...]
Keith: Hmm, the best result would be stopping the Bakunawa without a fight...
Tammy: Not that I'm an expert or anything, but how realistic is that?
Haliya: If it can't be avoided... then fighting without us killing each other would suffice.
Hibi-Hibi: And don't you worry Keith, we'll relay what Haliya says to you.

Cruz: Is there anything we can use against her? Some sort of weakness perhaps?
Haliya: Well... she was always sensitive to loud sounds and heat.
(flashback from page 155)Cruz: I think it's time to bring out the fireworks!