They’re the reason for the dramatic gust of wind in page 188.


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Haliya: It's good to see you again Hibi!
Hibi-Hibi: It's only been a few centuries!
Tammy: So... the guy Hibi knows is a goddess huh.
Cruz: Well, we know a Hibi.

Tiger Haliyan: Some diwatas are deities in their own right, so it's no surprise for Haliya to have friends of the same sort. Never heard of this Hibi though.

Keith: We're neighbors.
Myan: She turned me into a human.
Tiger Haliyan: Wow.

Blonde Haliyan: Speaking of friends... come say hi little one! Haliya often comes up here to play with the Tawong Lipod*.
(*literally "wind people" I'll shorten it to tawli)

Blonde Haliyan: Well... these wind elementals can't actually say hi because they only speak in-
Tawli: whoooooosh~!