Not seeing a naked goddess is truly a curse for anyone.


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Tammy: Now that right there is a moon goddess.
Blonde Villager: You're welcome to join us in worshipping her!
Cruz: Should we like, bow or something?

Cruz: ...or make a sacrifice?
Isog: We don't do those here.
Cruz: Suure you don't...

Keith: So... where is this person who's gonna help us with our curses?
Tammy: Whaa-

Tammy: Do you... do you not see the half-naked and tattooed moon goddess standing right over there?!
Tammy: Let's not piss off the warrior goddess that'll help us ok?!!

Keith: Well I don't see anyone... Oh! Maybe because I can't see the moon I can't see her either? This curse is something alright!

Villagers: What a dreadful curse!!