Can’t have a typical Filipino celebration without some lechon, mmhm! Oh, and Merry Christmas everyone!

Oof. They might be silhouettes, but drawing the last panel still took some actual figure drawing. Surprisingly, I had an easier time drawing them aside from them being silhouettes. Perhaps it’s because I’ve just started wearing glasses this month? Combined with turning up the monitor brightness whenever I work, I can certainly see more detail!

The villagers are Blue, Navy, and Hothead’s characters.

And yes I’m referencing Undertale, Doom, and Goblin Slayer in the alt text

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[At the village center...]
Isog: Heyyyyy!
Villager A: Hey, you.
Villager B: Aren't cha supposed to be on guard duty?

Isog: Feasting is an important part of guard duty, I'll have you know. And I brought hungry guests!
Myan: [drools]

Isog: Everyone mingle for a bit while I drop off my stuff.
Keith: H-hey...!

Keith: ...nice uh, evening eh?
Cruz: Is that lechon* I see? (roast pig)