Forgot if I mentioned it before but getting a bit sick about drawing them walking haha. Well, I’m really only getting sick of it since I feel the poses for walking are limited, but yeah, there are only so many poses possible when walking. Might as well accept the fact that some poses are “repetitive”, and at least I’m getting some slight animation practice with it since it’s basically the walk cycle.

Oh yeah, these two girls are Muse’s OC and Jugemu’s “Rias Gremory” from High School DxD.

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Keith: celebrating something or going to war?
Isog: Ah, the party's already started.

Isog: During eclipses in the past, loud noises were believed to disorient the Bakunawa. That was before our cult was formed so we're not sure how true that is, but the tradition stuck.

Isog: Now it serves to celebrate Haliya's victory too so it turned into the Eclipse Feast as we know it. You can guess when the feast is held.

Isog: Just so you know we're not all slacking off! The Bakunawa is likely to appear during eclipses, like this evening.
Waywoods Guard: (I hope Isog brings back some food...)

Isog: That's why guard duty is important so I deserve a quick stop at the Feast before we continue riiiight? And I'm sure you're all hungry from all this walking.
Keith: Uh sure, why not.