Sorry this took so long again!

Not exact translation but she said *”Good evening darlings!”. They’re using one of the other dialects in the Philippines, which I have no idea how to speak, though I can sort of understand it even with the main dialect of the country with the help of dictionaries and Google Translate.
Combined two words that mean “cover, shield, protect… or maybe hide, secret/hidden” + “moon, or moonlit” to come up with Hinabulanon, so it’s something like Hidden Moon Village (what is this, Naruto? haha).

Dunno if it follows proper naming conventions, but it sounds cool enough to me. “Isog” means “brave” and seeing that she’s based on Polt the Kobold, I think something like that would be fitting for a warrior/guard. Could also call her “Ido” for dog. in the end it doesn’t matter that much, and Fishmeistercod (the suggester) went for Isog anyway.

The new guards here based on Skye and Nikky’s suggestions. Sorry Nikky, couldn’t make her that short for storytelling reasons!

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[Back to reality - Hinabulanon Village]
Isog: Ma-ayong gab-i mga inday! (Good evening darlings!)
Guard A: Halt you...! Oh it's just Isog.
Guard B: Oi oi, what's this?

Guard B: Found some husbands out there for yourself didn't you?
Guard A: Can I have one please?

Isog: ...fiiine.
Cruz: At least buy me dinner first.
Keith: hey.

Guard A: Haha! Well guests, just be on your best behaviour and you'll find no problems with your stay!
Guard B: I'll be your dinner~ ...I'm winking if you can't tell.
Isog: come in, come in!