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Guardian A: This is... troubling. I'll take them to her.
Guardian B: Ok, but first...

Guardian B: Welcome visitors! You may wear these masks if you wish.
Cruz: Neat!

Keith: Sorry Tam.
Tammy: Well, you don't look sorry!

Guardian A: Ahh~ Such a shame to cover their handsome faces.

Guardian B: Leave things here to me. I hope you enjoy your visit even with your unfortunate situation.
Cruz: We will, and thanks for the masks!

Tammy: So... you gonna mention who these Amazon-looking chicks are?
Hibi-Hibi: They're uh... they're kind of a cult.

Hibi-Hibi: A moon goddess worshipping cult of warrior women, so they're not that bad... for a cult.
Tammy: Okkaayyy thennn.