Tammy can you not

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↓ Transcript
Keith: Good job keeping an eye on us.
Myan: thanks dad

Hibi-Hibi: Okay, everyone. Now that we're all here, we can try figuring out this curse you have.
Cruz, Keith, Myan: Curse?!

Hibi-Hibi: Yes. Seems it knocked you out and wiped your memories of the Bakunawa, plus some other effects.

Hibi-Hibi: Keith can't see and remember the moon.
Keith: I still don't see this "moon", but if a diwata says you're cursed, you're cursed.

Hibi-Hibi: While Cruz can still see the moon, but not believe it's real.
Cruz: How Can The Moon Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real?

Hibi-Hibi: And Tammy's completely fine aside from passing out.