(Colored!) Concept sketches (Myankini|Hibikini)

Sorry for the delay, anyway, first comic of the year, whoo! And a belated Happy New Year everyone, I hope we all have a good year!

Used “darker pencil” for shading/highlighting for this page. I might stick with it since it does look nice to me. You might need to view it in HD to really appreciate it though.

Poll closed and removed!

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Hibi: Swimsuits today are adorable!
Myan: ...that's a lot of water.

Tammy: Looking fiiine ladies, buut... grrr! I hate you Myan, you didn't have to work for that bod!

Tammy: Oh, you boys done cha...cha...
Keith: ?
Tammy: (ehem) changing?

Keith: He should be about done... Aaand it's not blue.

Tammy: U-um, what is?
Cruz: Yo Tammy, guess my favorite color!

Tammy: IS IT BLUE?