First comic made using Illustrator! Like I mentioned last time, making this took WAY too long compared to drawing it in Flash, particularly the shading/highlighting part if you’d believe it. At least I actually learned how to shade/highlight faster while working on this, but it’s still way complicated than Flash. Just reminds me why I liked Flash in the first place, it’s simplicity.

Even with Illustrator’s more adjustable brushes (only 8 brush sizes in Flash, but if you zoom in/out, the brush adjusts), and massive zoom (Flash up to 2000%, Illustrator up to 6500%!), group-able and nameable swatches, it’s still not a good choice for making comics because you’ll need to micromanage the layers and paths a lot (other artists, imagine every brush stroke you did creates a new layer!). Still, I’m glad I finished this to the end! Illustrator will still be useful, perhaps for lineart (I certainly had an easier time drawing here), backgrounds, and wallpapers, which are, you know, illustrations.

Anyway, like I mentioned in another tweet, I think I’ll learn about Clip Studio next. I’ve downloaded video tutorials which I’ve been watching whenever there’s some spare time (i.e. in the bathroom). When I learned about its Rulers (like the Perspective Ruler. Watching this is free.), Clip Studio suddenly looked much more attractive to me since they’re exactly what I’ve been looking for! Drawing complicated backgrounds in perspective is very hard ti in Flash, and is the real reason why I haven’t been drawing them that often.


These three notice a wolf that’s lethargic and alone at the zoo’s wolf enclosure...

Keith: It’s a... slothful solitary canine.
Cruz: An idle isolated lupus.
Tammy: A laidback lorn pooch!