First finished artwork, ever, using Clip Studio. Had to say, this was pretty fun to do even if I didn’t do it 100%. Anyway, I’m still getting familiar with CS, and made this more fun without the pressure. Some notes for me:

  • Used a huge working canvas size at 4961×7016. With a canvas as large as this, it somewhat feels like I’m working in Flash.
  • Still unsure about my sketching here. Perhaps it’s just been too long since I’ve sketched anything.
  • Playing around with the screentones was definitely interesting, albeit time-consuming for my current skill level. My layers were a real mess here too, so I better keep layer management in mind next time.
  • Didn’t use ant-aliasing for the lineart here. Made applying colors and screentones a breeze. Doesn’t look too bad as well, although that might change if I used a lower canvas size. And a quick research shows Flash doesn’t use anti-aliasing anyways…
  • The rulers (and being able to rotate the whole canvas )were definitely useful for drawing the bag here.
  • Had to export it in JPEG (at 90% quality) this time, it was too large, particularly for the HD version. Quality doesn’t seem to bad, and I think the lower quality might actually contribute to the classic B&W manga look.
  • I better close Google Drive. It interferes with saving the file.
  • No crashes so far! No autosaves as too far as I know, so I better be careful of sudden blackouts and the like.

I can say, Clip Studio is a worthy replacement for Flash! I can think of a few cons though, but I think I’ll try making a few more things with CS before I decide.