First part of a four-part patron-exclusive comic that takes place during page 35. The original idea didn’t actually take place during page 35, but having Myan a litty giddy with using her newfound hands seems perfect for said page.

And like I said earlier, these multi-part comics will be available for everyone even to non-patrons, but I’ll only let you guys read the first page of these things, so better become a patron if you want to see the rest!

Notes for myself

It was time to move up from black and white & screentones to using colors using Clip Studio. And since I still have a couple of bonus comics and art to do, might as well get some practice with it!

  • Used multiply using a dark reddish brown for my shadows (30% multiply blend mode), and a lighter reddish brown for the highlights (30% screen blend mode) instead of using the unique shadow/highlight colors for each character. Saves a ton of time while still looking good. The red hue doesn’t work too well for black and cooler colors (i.e. Keith’s hair and Myan’s pants), so had to find a proper color.
  • Use maximum anti-aliasing for the lineart. Doesn’t seem to useful here and I probably won’t use it next time, but it looks alright for cel-shading using India ink brush.
  • Shading and highlighting things here is of course very different from Flash. If I wanted to mimic the shading/highlighting style there, I may have to use the selection tools. But heck, this was an opportunity to try it a different way, so I did.
  • So instead, I used the India ink brush > Bit husky. Looks a bit messy, but it works. I also like the slight transparency effect it does.
  • In Flash, I had to make do with using gradients and cel-shading for the backgrounds… but not anymore in CS! Wanted to start simple first, so I just used Watercolor brush > transparent watercolor. Looking pretty good even though I have no idea how to do any watercolor/painterly effects.
  • Speaking about backgrounds, the perspective tool is frigging useful. Making anything in perspective in Flash is a mess of lines. Kinda hard to draw the floorboards here though, but wanted to try using an asset/material anyway. Access to free (and frequently updated?) assets made by other people using Clip Studio was one of my considerations for buying it, so I’m glad I’m actually getting some use from it.
  • Lastly, airbrushing for the last panel. Again, have no idea how to airbrush at all, but it turned out alright even if it’s not 100% airbrushed. The subview window and the ability to rotate the whole canvas also helped a lot in drawing it! And oh yeah, the Special ruler > focus line was extremely helpful as well.

Myan: om nom nom

Keith: Hey get down from there!

Myan: W-what else can these "hands" do...?