Sorry the current comic isn’t that funny or exciting (and again, late), the story needs a bit of build up you see… And heads up, I might not be able to work on a comic this week since me and my family are going out somewhere for the weekend.

Also from now on, I’m gonna start introducing some things from my country, the Philippines. Since most of you will probably have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll attach an asterisk, which includes an explanation here like so:

*Taho – tasty silken tofu street snack with syrup. Sold by a magtataho or taho vendor who carries two big cans containing the stuff.

Oh, just in case you’ve missed it, I’m working on a commission right now, that is, a rule 63 of Cat Nine main characters; in other words, guys are girls, and girls are guys.


Keith: Two, please.

Keith: Myan? Where are you?