Welp, I’m back from a few harrowing weeks of too tired from work and too much video games, which is not a good combination when you have a webcomic. Hope you guys enjoy this one! I’m pretty amazed with this actually, I did not practice at all while I was away!

Don’t expect the next comics to be always this large though, but it’s definitely a nice change of pace and challenge for me. Panels 1 to 3 was actually done since April 10, but I knew the last “panel” going to take forever, hopefully I’ll be faster next time with large comics like this. And no, it did not take me weeks to finish the last panel, just, like I mentioned, too tired, and too much video games. I’ve actually managed to set aside video games for the weekends and started working out more again, so expect (but also no promises) regular updates again.


Myan: Good...

Myan: ...mor-ning!

Keith: ...this is how I'm going to wake up from now on, isn't it?

<<After a hectic first week of school (no thanks to Myan), our heroes decided to spend some time relaxing at the park.>>

Guy: Here boy!
Myan: DAD! DAD!
Keith: Ge-ACHff me!