Doing those background studies helped a bit even if all I did is add some color to the lines. I decided that it doesn’t have to be perfect or too accurate as perspective is quite hard to do in Flash anyway.
I’ve also did some rough designs of some of the characters. Been having a lot of trouble finding the perfect hue for tanned skin, until now haha.

I’ll be going to Hong Kong for the weekend, so see ya guys!

Notes (10/23/2014)
Hong Kong was fun you guys. Went to Disneyland and Ocean Park there. I’d say I had a lot more fun in Ocean Park, although hearing Donald Duck speaking in Chinese was friggin hilarious! Oh, and minor correction, “ma’am” there was originally spelt “mam”. I haven’t really used that word that much since English is my second language, after Filipino/Tagalog.


<<tap tap tap>>

Professor: You're not in high school anymore, so stop.
Student: M-ma'am...