Skipping next week cause it’s my birthday(omg I’m 20), Holloween and then All Saint’s Day.
Haven’t had much experience drawing buildings, as well as three point perspective, so just bear with what I’ve got for now.

Notes (10/19/2014)

Their college takes place in a skyscraper, which is mostly inspired by The School of Design and Arts Building of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. It looks nothing like it in this comic though.



[[A tall glass office tower.]]
Voice: Okay class?

[[The Instructor, a bespectacled black-haired man, reads from a clip-board.]]
Instructor: ?introduce yourselves so we can?
(Out of panel): Aww!

Instructor: Oh! Looks like we found a first volunteer! Yay for you!
The Young Man (sarcastically): Hurrah.