Oh so Keith is his name! And that other guy looks familiar too!

For this week, I tried doing it the traditional way, pencilling it on paper then the rest on the computer. I’ve always felt that my drawing’s stiff when I draw in my tablet, and the lineart part is the longest step for me when drawing with the tablet. Welp, it looks good enough to me and since I can actually pencil more pages per day, so future comics will be made like that, yey!

Notes (10/19/2014)
Even till now, sketching and lineart still takes the longest to finish. Meanwhile, coloring is the most fun in the whole process!



The Young Man: Hi, Keith Galang's the name. It's not hard to remember. Seriously, though, it's not "Kit."

Blond Man: Oh, I definitely remember you, Keith.
Keith (The Young Man): And you are...?

Blond Man: Cruz Manibog, it's been a while.
Instructor (out of panel): Next, one of those guys at the corner!