This is the blog version of Collar specs 1/3. Click here for the long comic version!

Myan’s collar specs

With comments by Hibi-Hibi and Lazylonewolf

Lazy Head “Nothing too fancy, which seems like something Keith would buy. And I just think black and a little heart of gold looks nice on her too.”

Primary transformation powers

Animal transformation: Can transform into any real animal

– Learned behaviors and movement (like flying) aren’t included in the transformation, except for human.

Hibi Head“Animals transformed into humans often require imparted knowledge about basic human movements to participate in human society. Since this uses mind-affecting magic, I had to be meticulous when I applied this. It’s why Myan doesn’t know how to act with her other animal forms.”
Lazy Head“It’s more interesting and hilarious if Myan has to learn how2animal first. And it’s not like humans themselves are experts at being human!”

– Can’t transform into mythical creatures.

Hibi Head“Animal forms should suffice, and transforming into creatures of legend will just attract human attention… and would you trust Myan with a dangerous form like a dragon?
Lazy Head“I’d rather show actual mythological creatures rather than someone else transforming into those.”

– Can’t transform into fictional creatures/races. To be exact, those that aren’t associated with any real-life mythologies.

Hibi Head“Similar problems like above, and since they aren’t real, you don’t know if the form you took can actually survive in this world. You could also end up with missing body parts!”
Lazy Head“I just find mythologies (and their creatures) across different cultures much more fascinating compared to fictional creatures in other media.”

Human transformation: Can transform into (mostly) human form

– Hibi didn’t finish doing this enchantment since she was interrupted, so anyone who is using it will keep some of their animal traits. If Hibi fixes it, then they can fully turn into a human.

Hibi Head“Can I fix it? Yes I can! But she’s fine with it for now. I’m just relieved the safeguards I’ve put in are working.”
Lazy Head“Thus our catgirl Myan was born!”

– Can change hair style and length. Can copy hairstyles from people, photos, or create from imagination.

Hibi Head“It’s for convenience and appearances’ sake. I can’t expect a boy like Keith to know how to do a lady’s hair.”
Lazy Head“I wanted some practice drawing different hairstyles. I like longer hair in general though, but I try.”

– Can’t change most things when transforming like: age, height, weight, race, skin/eye color, voice, sex. Also applies to animal forms.

Hibi Head“Her current human appearance is set the first time she transformed. It would be highly suspicious if people who’ve seen Myan’s human form, but not know her collar’s powers, and later see her drastically different. I can let her change these if it’s reallly needed. However, her original form’s age and weight will be mirrored by her transformations. I sure hope Myan doesn’t it eat too much!”
Lazy Head“Giving Myan the power to ara-ara you (or be ara-ara’d) is much too powerful! Joking aside, these ‘minor’ transformations aren’t that interesting enough to me and, in my opinion, are the domain of tricksters. BUT, I do have story ideas with some of these transformations, so they might come up

– Myan’s human (and other animals) appearance is based on her original form.

Hibi Head“The most basic transformation uses your original form as a base. It’s why they’ll often have their original form’s characteristics when transformed.”
Lazy Head“Simply put, I designed her that way. And designed her cute!”