Fan art of Astrid from Foxy Flavored Cookie

Astrid (Foxy Flavored Cookie)

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My own take on Astrid from Foxy Flavored Cookie as thanks for linking me and the 100+ clicks they’ve sent me! Check out his dA page here too!

Really tried hard not to make her look too much like Ankha. Both having the same expression and being Egyptian-inspired doesn’t help at all haha.

Er, and I’m not sure if she’s a jackal or a doberman, or if she’s even actually Anubis-inspired… but I’m gonna go for jackal+Anubis because of the ears. Was looking up jackals and Anubis see, and apparently Anubis’ sacred animal is supposed to be the African Golden Wolf. I’m just confused if that’s supposed to be what his animal head is instead of a jackal, or just his favored animal. Okay, rambling over!

EDIT: Oh cool, seems he likes it enough to actually use this in a sketch!