Hello everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to share some changes and updates regarding the artwork I’ve been posting, and my Patreon page.

Future artwork will be patron-exclusive

Firstly, I’ve made the decision to make most, if not ALL (future) bonus art patron-exclusive again.

To those who have been enjoying my artwork for free thus far, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your support over the years. However, I need to prioritize my livelihood, and this adjustment is necessary as I take a more serious approach to my work. Don’t worry, some future artwork and commissions, and all past artwork will still be publicly available. On a related note…

Free trial enabled for $1 and $3 Tiers

I’ve enabled free trial features for the $1 and $3 tiers. Didn’t notice they added this feature until now.

Patreon page cleaned up

As for for my Patreon page, not much of a change actually. Mostly I cleaned up the About and Tier descriptions a bit, and removed the rewards that I wasn’t really applying. Will probably make the About page and Thank You message nicer in the future, maybe a Welcome video too? I may also remove some of the Discord channels related to some Tiers that are unused.

$10 Tier is NSFW

Lastly, the KitTen ($10) tier. I haven’t been doing much with it at all so… it’s now officially the NSFW tier, so expect some monthly NSFW artwork from now on. Past NSFW artwork will still be available for the $5 Tier. Tooootally not partly caused by my friend which has been introducing me as a “porn artist” to everyone he meets, and since I already made the leap to mark my Patreon page as NSFW so MIGHT AS WELL 😪