A bunch of important announcements, particularly for my Patreon.

Another Google AdSense ad replaced with Comicad

Comicad just recently started a beta for some sort of premium membership. With it, I can now place up to five ad units instead of three. For now, I’ve only replaced the AdSense responsive ad in the main content area with two half-banner ads. I’d rather go with Comicad instead of Google every time because:

  • Google has been freaking out about the tasteful nudity from some of the art in the fan art section. It’s funny to me but also, deal with it!
  • I want other comic artists and other indie creators to have the space on my website rather than some business.
  • Google is evil. I’d rather not give them more of my money if I can’t help it.

I’ll leave alone the last two AdSense ads in the meantime, though I might replace one of them with the fifth Comicad unit in the future.

Charge up front activated

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve now activated charge up front. Now, new patrons or increased pledges will be charged immediately. The downside is no more trying out my Patreon, but the upsides are I get your money immediately and it’s also useful for…

New $55 Tier – AristoCats

It’s for commissioning me through Patreon. It’s basically just a $10 pledge + a $45 commission, discounted from my usual price of $50 (10% off). You’ll also get access to #aristocat-manor in Discord, the perfect place for gloating, mwuhahaha! The rest can just watch in envy, but they cannot speak. This tier has limited slots though, but I can open up more according to my free time. Read up on the details about the tier and commissioning me on my Patreon page. And huge thanks to my patrons that took these slots immediately!

It also contributes a nice amount to the new Goal I’ve set up recently…

New $300 Goal – NSFW art

If the $300 Goal is reached I’ll start drawing NSFW for art suggestions or commissions! It’s my first time doing these, so keep it on the vanilla side, please.

Art suggestions will be Patreon-exclusive, although if it ‘s applicable I’ll post the censored versions here and in my social media. For NSFW commissions however, I’ll leave it to the commissioner if they wish to share it publicly.

Finally, here’s some good news…

The $300 Goal has been reached!

Who knew sex actually sells, and quickly at that! I will now do NSFW art for this month and as long as the Goal is reached.

$5 patrons and above, you can change your suggestions to NSFW if you want to. Three people took the AristoCat slots just to reach this Goal so expect them to be pretty spicy!

The rest of you, well, you can wait for an AristoCat slot next month, become a $5+ patron if you want to suggest art, or enjoy the censored version… if they aren’t too spicy that is! Judging from the AristoCats’ discussions in #nsfw it’ll likely involve Cat Nine characters, but we’ll see what kind of perversion they’ll come up in there! And who knows, if they’re feeling generous perhaps they’ll share their commissions for all.

To all my patrons this month, and maybe future ones, thanks so much! I’m going to make another Hall of Fame entry in the Patrons page for the $300 Goal. If you want your name in there, then maybe now’s a good time to pledge.