Enthusiasm has gone for that secret side-project of mine and as usual, I seem to underestimate the time and effort that side-projects like the old Magicat Girl needs. So all that effort isn’t wasted, I’ve finally decided to reveal said side project to you: Act Cat, which is basically playing Charades with Myan.

The idea came from a comic (that I haven’t made yet) of Myan doing impressions, plus I wanted to some animation practice. Couple that with the comment system in the old Magicat Girl (which you can gamify), Act Cat was born. Myan would’ve acted out a variety of gestures using some simple and reusable looped animations. I hoped that eventually, the amount of animations would build up and make it easier for more Rounds to be made as time goes on, with the added bonus of being useful for reaction images as well.

It’s got rules like:

  • Each “player” can comment by using their points. You receive points each day, if you guessed correctly, or if you upvoted someone’s comment (if someone’s answer is better or came first).
  • Myan indicating if your guesses are warmer, colder, or correct.
  • Each Round lasts a week, with Myan winning (and gloating) if no one has guessed correctly.

Anyway, here are the very few animations I’ve done of it. Perhaps if I have the time I’ll finish it, but probably not with Cat Nine going on.

If you’re up for it, here’s how the first Round would’ve played, but I’ll only use text descriptions for the animations I haven’t finished. Ready?

And final round, sadly.

The category is a book of course. And Myan is just pretending to read here. (tip: it also had a couple of movies)

That’s two words. The first Round was supposed to be a tutorial like this. After the first Round, there would be no text on the upper left like “Number of words”.

[First Word – Number of syllables]

Myan tilting her head left and right, two times.

So that’s two syllables for the first word. In hindsight, I should’ve animated this before the one below.

Take this for example, it could represent: shaking, scared, fluffy, or something else, who knows? (tip: it’s something else)

[Second Word – Number of syllables]

Myan tilting her head left and right, two times.

Two syllables too for the second word.

[Second Word – First syllable]

Myan patting the floor with her right paws. “pat pat pat!”

[Second Word – Second syllable]

Myan looking confused or thinking about something

Like in this page.


Welp, that’s all of it – Time to guess using the comments below, if you want! I’ll tell you if you’re getting warmer, colder, or if you got it correct.