I want to make the site more active from now on, so I was thinking of posting blogs from Monday to Friday with a theme or something. Here’s what I’ve thought of so far:

  • Myan Mondays – The idea is to make Mondays a little more bearable with small blog posts, drawings, or 1-panel comics featuring Myan (and maybe other characters) every Monday morning.
  • Tutorial Tuesdays – I write or find something useful about comics, art, writing, and web design. They could be guides, books, videos, or tools. I can also make some how-to-draws of the characters. Kinda doing this right now though.
  • Webcomic Wednesdays – I’ll blog about interesting comics around the web, and if possible, do an interview with the creators. Maybe even post about comics that aren’t on the web.
  • Fun and Fascinating (Funscinating?) Fridays – Posts about interesting stuff like:
    • Facts about the Philippines. I don’t know if you guys will be that interested about it though.
    • Videos
    • Music
    • Books
    • Websites, and blog posts
    • Stuff that I’m reading or watching (movies and series) now.
    • Polls, maybe.
    • All of the above could just be relegated to random journal posts, which can take place any day of the week though…

Others ideas:

  • Animal of the week – Every week, you guys pick an animal and I’ll make drawings of it, and maybe it’s human-hybrid forms (like this, or this) too. Could be fun for everyone, and give’s me a good excuse to practice drawing animals. But what’s a good day for this, Fridays maybe? That way, you can decide which animal I should do during Mon-Thur…
  • I’m honestly at a loss about what to do on Thursday, but I have some ideas:
    • Throwback Thursdays – I’ve seen this mentioned a lot in social media and the radio, but what do I throwback/blog about? Older Cat Nine pages?
    • Trope Thursdays – Blog about tropes from TvTropes, which every writer should be reading anyway. Plus, I’ll also use this to find tropes that apply to Cat Nine.
    • Mythology Thursdays – Topics about mythologies from the Philippines and around the world.
  • Caturday – Blog posts, images, or videos about cats… but I kinda don’t want to write anything during the weekend.

What do you guys think? Got any suggestions about what I should blog about?