Since my current hard drive is almost 4 years old now, I’ve finally decided to buy an external HDD (Toshiba Canvio Alumy 2TB) so I don’t have to worry about my HDD (and Cat Nine!) from dying anymore. I actually have a 1TB external HDD and my internal HDD is 1TB as well, but it’s apparently not enough to store system images + backups, not without freeing up some space that is.

So anyway, I’ll let you guys pick a color! I’ll close this poll on August 1 since I wanna buy this as soon as possible. Patrons can vote here.

Oh, and since this is a good opportunity for it, I’ll let you guys “vote” in some patron polls as well from now on. I’ll put up a Community poll below like usual. After the poll closes, I’ll “vote” for the chosen result on your behalf in the patron poll, with the amount of votes depending on the current number of patrons. Simply put, if “Red” is the winner in the poll below, I’ll consider it let’s say, 2 votes for “Red” in the patron poll.

Result: Guess I’m getting the black one then!