October 2017 Patrons and ko-fi Enablers

Finally back, and thanks for being my patron even during the hiatus and then reaching the $100 Goal! Gonna start blogging soon as well, and I think I’ll do these thank you drawings from now on, plus a monthly drawing of Myan “cosplaying” as other characters (likely other catgirls like Felicia). The following things were only possible with the pledges you’ve given me!

  • Learned Illustrator, though I gave up on it in the end since it’s just not fit for comics. Hopefully has some use if I need it!
  • Bought and learned Clip Studio, which is so much better for comics and art as you’ve seen with the things I’ve been making. Highly recommend this thing!
  • Dabbled a bit with animation. I might’ve missed using Flash when I switched to Clip Studio, though I do not miss the crashes. May even finish this if I have the time.



NomAd – Pledge at least $7

  • Kaisoni
  • Yugo Ryan
  • Knut Breitschuh
  • Scarekitty
  • BlueDavrial
  • Fishmeistercod
  • Aliumas147
  • Rothiem

RAWR! – Pledge at least $5

ko-fi Enablers

ko-fi EnablersDonated through ko-fi

  • MCWildcat – Three cups of heaven, yipee
Starter Pack

Starter Pack – Pledge at least $1

  • Alex Neumann
  • AMoldyDoughnut
  • tagno25
  • Figerl Jörg a.k.a. Zervikalsyndrom
  • Frank Garcia
Reader's Choice

Reader’s Choice – Pledge at least $3

  • Sunblaze

I post these around the 6th every month (after Patreon sends me the funds). If you were declined, your name might not show up here, but I’ll add it back after you’ve paid of course. If you’ve donated through ko-fi, only the ones who’ve donated for the previous month will show up. If I missed anyone or want to add a link to your website, please let me know!

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