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About the comic

Cat Nine: Take Two! is a manga-styled webcomic about Keith and his cat (Myan) with a magical collar, giving her the power to transform into a catgirl or any other animal. This is the second version of Cat Nine (now called Cat Nine Classic), so I’ve added “Take Two!” to differentiate between the… two. Ever since the new logo though (no “Take Two!” in it), it’s fine to call the current version Cat Nine.

Setting: Sometime in the present, somewhere in the Philippines. Exotic huh?

Genre: Lighthearted comedy, Philippine mythology, fantasy, and a bit of slice-of-life, minus the boring parts. No, there’s no danger of it suffering from Cerebrus Syndrome, like some of the more famous webcomics out there.

Primary drawing program: Adobe Flash CS6

Navigating the comic

arrow keys

  • Use the navigation menu to move between comic pages! If you’re feeling bored or a bit crazy, hit the Random button!
  • You can also use the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard to flip between pages, or  click on the comic to go to the next one!
  • Use the dropdown menu to traverse between “episodes”. This always goes to the episode’s beginning.

Interact with the artist and other fans!

Comment on the current comic*, or chat with other fans and even the creator (Lazylonewolf) himself! We’re all pretty friendly here so don’t be shy! There are some rules however, and breaking any of them can get you banned:

  • Don’t post comments, images, videos, or audio that you wouldn’t show to your parents or children. We have the #nsfw channel for that!
  • Don’t spam.
  • Don’t be a jerk, except maybe ironically.
  • Don’t link to suspicious websites.

*If you’re reading from the homepage, you need to click the Comments button or the comic’s title.

Searching for a specific comic?


  • Search by date – Go to the archives to search all comics arranged by date and episode. It also shows the comic page’s title.
  • Search by characters – If you want to search for a character that showed up in the comic, you can click on their names in the rants section, or go to the characters page. Going to a specific character’s page will show all the comics they appeared in, for example, Myan.
  • Search everything – Use the search bar to search for pretty much everything in the site. It can search blog posts, rants, and transcripts.


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Use Comic Rocket or Piperka, or subscribe to Facebook, Twitter, or RSS to receive notifications about the latest comic or blog post. You can also subscribe using only your email.

About transcriptstranscript

Have trouble reading the text in the comic? Click on the transcript button in the rants section to see the transcript for the current comic. It’s also great for translating it to different languages using Google Translate, but it’s not perfect. I can add a permanent Google Translate widget to the site if enough people ask!


Submitting fan art and comics

If you like the comic enough to make some art or a comics, great! All submissions are posted on the fan art and comics section, and everyone’s welcome to submit almost anything! As a thank you, I’ll even send a link to your website if you provide one.


Support the comic! (and thanks in advance!)vote

Wow, I’m grateful! Any help is appreciated!

Supporting Cat Nine for free

There are various ways to help out the comic, even without spending a dime!

Supporting Cat Nine… with money!

If you’re serious about supporting Cat Nine, you can:

  • Become a PatronYou can make a recurring payment every month through Patreon. By pledging, you’ll also receive some sweet Rewards and your name will be added to the Patrons page.
  • Donate via ko-fi – You can donate any amount you’d like through ko-fi, and your name will also be added to the Patrons page.
  • Advertise through Comicad – You can advertise using any (or all!) of the ad units available.
  • Commission something from me! More info in the Art Commissions page.
  • Browsing the site – Thanks to advertisements, the website makes some money just from your browsing! So please, turn-off your adblocker or add Cat Nine to your whitelist.