You know what, I’ll try posting more voting incentives on Top Web Comics using whatever I have on hand so more people will vote for Cat Nine.

I’ll be posting:

  • Concept sketches that I make for new/background characters (I’ll post this after they appear on the comic)
  • Doodles about new hairstyles and clothes for the guys after every Episode
  • WIP drawings of comics
  • Super-quick sketches about poll results (so keep voting on those if you want)
  • Zoom-ins of characters, especially if they appear far/small in the comic
  • First page of Patreon-exclusive comics
  • And of course, new art/comics that I’m planning to start making soon (once a month at most though)

And other stuff at least every week from now on (perhaps from Mon-Thu). Feel free to suggest ideas and remember to vote every day. Enjoy!