Why’d you stop updating the old Cat Nine?
Got bored with it, and realized that the story is going nowhere. Further details in this journal.

Why did you name it Cat Nine: Take Two?
It’s not a sequel, it’s a second attempt.

Why Lazylonewolf?
I’m lazy and a loner, and trying really hard to make “lazy” a misnomer. And no, I am not a furry.

When do you actually update?
At least once a week. I try to make them around my schedule. Delays are usually caused by stuff fromwork and friends coming over. But really, the number one culprit is too much video games.

What do you use to draw the comic?
Adobe Flash CS4. I used to make it with CS5, but my laptop can’t keep up with it. It just feels much more natural to me when I’m drawing than working on it in Photoshop. Plus I can do animations if I wanted to. Originally, it was so I can get some practice done on making animations. Right now I’m using Adobe Flash CS5, and some Photoshop for things I can’t do in Flash (i.e. airbrushing)

Why don’t you do animations anymore?
They take a lot of friggin time to plan and execute. BUT if it makes something funnier or awesomer, heck I’ll do it. It’s probably gonna cause a delay though.

Did you make all of this?
Yep. The drawing, writing, html, css, everything by me. Even if it’s hard or time consuming, I love working alone. If you’ve anything to suggest, just say so! Oh yeah, remember to donate, or better yet, advertise!

Wanna exchange links?
Only if I want to, most probably a no. If you want me to make a webcomic review, then yes.

I want to submit fanart/comics? Can I?
Go right ahead! Send it through the chat, email or forums.

Is there a reason why “salmon” is the color scheme for the website?
Someone asked this because of cats love fish/salmon. I just chose it since it looks homely, and had no idea the color was called salmon.