You can submit your Cat Nine fanworks through my email, Discord, or any of my social media. Thanks for being a huge fan!

This page and its uploads are personally curated by me and uploaded to Cat Nine’s server so I may not be able to upload your art here immediately and I might resize or reduce the image quality.

In most cases, you can click on the artist or commissioner’s name to go to their page.

Rules for submissions:

  • No WIP sketches allowed. The minimum quality here is clean or detailed sketches.
  • Max 10 submissions per person, so submit your best works!
    • Artists and commissioners can get their own gallery tag depending on the quality and quantity of their submissions.
  • You can include a link for your profile, social media, or website.
  • Commissioned fan art (i.e. fan art that you didn’t draw yourself) are allowed.
  • The most NSFW art I can post here are tasteful nudes. Everything else should be posted to the #nsfw channel. I or our Discord mod BlueDavrial will pin them for you!